Live Your Dreams

Duvalli manufactures innovative and high-quality sleep fabrics in order to meet the expectations of the industry both today and in the future. We are aware of how a goodnight’s sleep is incredibly important to your physical and mental health, with that in mind we developed sleep solutions to increase your sleep quality.

Mattress Ticking

For over 18 years, Duvalli has been producing innovative, safe and 100% Made in Portugal mattress ticking fabrics. Its experience is reflected in the variety of colours, structures, designs and patterns it has to offer in order to meet all kinds of sleep needs.

Mattress Covers

We produce ready-made covers or you can choose from any of our fabrics and combine it with different accessories and treatments to create a mattress cover that fits your needs.

Let’s get creative and start covering!


From a selection of suitable fabrics, we can create your own perfectly soft and comfortable pillow.