Viscose is a cellulosic fibre of botanic origin. This fibre delivers quality, performance and versatility.

Gentle Touch

It exhibits a smooth surface area and its fibres are gentle on sensitive skin and ensure a natural comfort.

Absorption and Liquid Management

Viscose fibres are known for their efficient absorption and liquid management. These cellulosic fibres have a high moisture transportation performance, which contributes to more breathable fabrics to help the body’s natural thermal balance and to feel refreshed.


Another property of the fibre is its high durability and tensile strength in both dry and wet state.


  • Shiny appearance.
  • Smooth and soft touch.
  • Good absorption capacity, absorbs about 100% of its weight in water.
  • High elasticity.
  • Good abrasion resistance, but when wet loses about half of its strength.
  • Excellent resistance to insects (except when mixed with wool).


Soft touch


glossy look