In the process of falling asleep, the body temperature needs to drop down in order to make it possible. A high ambient temperature can make this process difficult. That is why Duvalli adopted Prime Ice mattress ticking.

Cool Touch

Prime Ice fibre can act with a double-effect. It cools you down with its cool touch, providing an instant cooling effect on the skin. But also, keeps the cool effect for longer compared with similar products. Therefore, you fall asleep faster on a relaxing environment.


Different materials with the same room temperature can have different perceived temperatures. This has to do with the conductivity of materials, some materials conduct heat better than other, giving them a cooler touch. Prime Ice fibre superior conductivity enables it to dissipate heat instantly. Thus, resulting in a sense of cool that helps the body to stay cool.

Moisture Absorption

Prime Ice yarns have an excellent moisture absorption capability which improves air circulation and helps reduce humidity providing a pleasant sleep environment.