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Caxemira (cashmere) is a natural wool fibre obtained from the Cashmere goat. It is one of the scarcest and most valued wool in the world.

The spiral structure of Caxemira is completely unique and it helps to control temperature at required levels by regulating body temperature. Hence, it is perfect for balancing heat and cold. 

Caxemira provides a luxurious feeling and comfortable warmth. This is because the tightly curled fibres trap a lot of air, creating a natural layer of still air which is the best possible form of natural insulation. To sum up, this wool fibre is extremely soft and delicate but at the same time it is very resilient and extremely elastic.


  • Smooth texture from special cashmere blend.
  • Can be used all year round. The fibre structure allows for comfortable use in summer, while keeping warm in winter.
  • Excellent moisture management.
  • Elastic and resistant.
Natural Fibre


Soft touch

Thermal balance